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Ask Mr. Mattress

What level of firmness is best for me?

The answer to this question is personal. For years doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and chiropractors recommended a firm mattress. The trend over the past few years has been toward a more comfortable sleeping surface, with pressure point relief and a firm supportive core. Finding a mattress that provides the proper pressure-relieving comfort is key to a great night's sleep. The fewer pressure points on your body, the less tossing and turning you'll do and the longer you will stay in REM sleep, which provides maximum rest and rejuvenation. The Dream Team can help you find the mattress that's perfect for your particular needs.


How much money should I spend on a mattress?

A good-quality mattress is a smart investment that gives you tremendous return. When you are well rested, your mind functions better, your memory is sharper, and you can be sure you won't fall asleep on the job, in class, or while driving.


Should I invest in a new foundation?

Always maximize your mattress investment by purchasing the foundation designed to go with it. A good foundation enhances comfort, support, and durability of the mattress set.

Foundations have replaced box springs, for the most part, in the mattress industry. Unlike a box spring, which has a spring supported system, a foundation is a solid base similar to a platform.


What size bed should I buy?

The size of your mattress is an individual choice, usually determined by the number of people sleeping on the bed and the size of the bedroom. Keep in mind that you typically spend four months a year in bed. So make it big, make it comfortable and get a great night's sleep.